Recording Spaces

Versatile Recording Spaces

Front Row Seat Productions’ Hamilton, NJ facility houses a wide variety of recording spaces, ranging from a large, acoustically resonant soundstage to a professional voiceover sound booth. Front Row Seat Productions is able to record your talent or ensemble in the best possible environment.

If you would like to hear what our spaces can produce, please explore Jazz
Discoveries, right here on our website. Jazz Discoveries is a two-hour, jazz radio
program. All voiceovers and many live performances are produced in our own
studios, specifically for the show.

On Location Recording

Front Row Seat Productions is able to simplify many of the high expense costs
associated with on location audio and video recording, with the use of our Blackmagic digital switcher and portable audio mixing board. With a team of only 3-4, we are able to
do the job of 6-8 individuals. Our video capture system is even able to “live edit”,
cutting down on post-production time.

Capturing and Preserving Great Performances