Studio Recordings

Front Row Seat Productions’ studios offer a state-of-the-art recording environment designed to produce the ultimate in true sound for every recording need, from voice or instrumental solos to small vocal and instrumental groups. A small audience can even be invited to be part of the recording session. FRSPROD’s engineers are expert at getting the most from every performance of all types of music: classical, jazz, pop and traditional.

Concert and Event Recordings

FRSPROD is equipped to provide expert recordings of concerts, performances, special events, and celebrations in any venue, from a small club to a large concert hall, from a private garden to a hall or ballroom. FRSPROD’s engineers have recorded concerts for some of the finest organists, choruses, orchestras and jazz combos in the region, using microphones and recording devices especially suited for live recording. FSRPROD’s video-capture equipment and remote-controlled cameras produce a superb finished product without the distraction of bulky equipment and camera operators in the auditorium and on the stage. FRSPROD can also provide superior sound reinforcement and sound enhancement equipment for ultimate audience enjoyment anywhere.

Auditions and Demos

Come to FRSPROD’s studio, or let us bring our studio to you! Either way, your audition or demo will be recorded by an engineer who is sensitive to the performer’s needs and time constraints. In many cases, the performer can leave the recording session with a fully-mastered CD in hand.

Capturing and Preserving Great Performances