3-21-2020: FRSProd produces PPV Livestream of Suzanne Cloud

Tune in, 3PM EDT on Saturday, March 21st or later for on-demand here to watch the Suzanne Cloud Quartet, live from the Candlelight lounge in Trenton, New Jersey

$5 gets you unlimited access to the livestream and on-demand playback for 30 days!

FRSProd owner, Robert Bullington had a great time discussing this venture on Trenton’s own “Infinitely Focused” podcast

Interview with Infinitely Positive Podcast

Listen to the podcast at http://www.trentonwaves.com/podcast

We’re hoping this novel concept of pay-per-view livestreams will be a life-ring for musicians who’ve had their gigs cancelled by the COVID-19 scare.  We suspect it could be a valuable service, even after the crisis has passed!

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