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Frederick Olessi’s film, “Bonhoeffer” produced by FRSProd

Frederick Olessi’s film, “Bonhoeffer”, filmed and edited by FRSProd’s Robert Bullington airs on Princeton Community Television, the week of September 12-24, 2017

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, one of the most poignant Christian theological martyrs of the 20th Century, emerged very early as a implacable foe of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party after they seized political power in 1930’s Germany. He was a theology student in the United States but returned to Germany to join the vocal Christian resistance to what he saw as a godless regime. On the periphery of the 1944 plot against Hitler, Hitler himself — a week before his own suicide — condemned Bonhoeffer to share the same agonizing death as those who directly plotted against him by reportedly having Bonhoeffer hung naked with a noose of piano wire. The extraordinary actor Philip Rieschick portrays the courageous and reflective Bonhoeffer at the hour of his death.

Sept. 12 at 9 pm
Sept. 14 at 8 pm
Sept. 17 at 1:30 pm
Sept. 20 at noon
Sept. 23 at 11 am
Sept. 24 at 8 pm

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Robert Bullington Interviews Andy Wasserman on

April 30, 2017

For his April 2017 edition of the program “Jazz Discoveries” on, Robert is joined by performer and teacher, Andy Wasserman for an enlightening chat and demonstration, at the piano. Andy was a student and protégé of the great composer, theorist and educator George Russell. Russell was a pioneer of modal jazz, and his Lydian Chromatic Concept of tonal organization was studied by countless jazz legends, including Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker and Bill Evans.
More information about George Russell and his Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization can be found at:
More information about Andy can be found at:

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

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Robert Bullington interviewed by Hamilton newspaper

Robert Bullington recently produced the film, Frances of Assisi with his longtime friend and collaborator, Frederick Olessi. reporter Samantha Sciarotta recently paid Robert and Fred a visit at Front Row Seat Productions Hamilton, NJ studios to talk about friendship and the love of film.

The online version of the article, which appeared in the April issues of the Hamilton Post and Lawrence Gazette, can be viewed here.

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Release of “Simply Splendid” by the Midiri Brothers Septet

Front Row Seat Productions is pleased to announce the release of “Simply Splendid” by the Midiri Brothers Septet. This exciting new recording is a collection of Jazz Standards performed by the Midiri Brothers Septet, featuring Joe Midiri on reeds, Paul Midiri on Vibraharp, Dan Tobias on Trumpet, Jim Lawlor on Drums, Pat Mercuri on Guitar, Jeff Phillips on Piano and Jack Hegyi on Bass. “Simply Splendid” was recorded at FRSProd’s soundstage in Hamilton, New Jersey.

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