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Release of “Simply Splendid” by the Midiri Brothers Septet

Front Row Seat Productions is pleased to announce the release of “Simply Splendid” by the Midiri Brothers Septet. This exciting new recording is a collection of Jazz Standards performed by the Midiri Brothers Septet, featuring Joe Midiri on reeds, Paul Midiri on Vibraharp, Dan Tobias on Trumpet, Jim Lawlor on Drums, Pat Mercuri on Guitar, Jeff Phillips on Piano and Jack Hegyi on Bass. “Simply Splendid” was recorded at FRSProd’s soundstage in Hamilton, New Jersey.

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Live Streaming of the Golandsky Institute’s Princeton Summer Symposium and International Piano Festival, July 10th, 12th, 15th and 16th

All of us at Front Row Seat Productions are excited to be at the Golandsky Institute’s Princeton Summer Symposium and International Piano Festival for our sixth consecutive year! The audio/video equipment has been set up and tested at the daytime teaching location and shortly, we’ll begin loading in at the evening concert location. A complete listing of programs for the piano festival is here:…

If you’re able to attend one or more of the concerts in person, it’s an opportunity not to be missed – ticket prices are extremely reasonable, and the performances are world-class. But if you can’t make it in person and want a glimpse of the daytime educational programs, or the ability to watch some of the concerts in their entirety, don’t miss out on that chance with the Institute’s free streaming link (schedule given with the link):

The Golandsky Institute is way more than a client for us. These gifted educators and their band of dedicated staff and volunteers have become dear friends and valued collaborators. We salute their efforts and are proud to leverage our tools and talent to help them reach a wider audience.

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Frederick Olessi’s Film, “Joan” Produced by FRSProd

Joan – a Film by Frederick Olessi from Robert Bullington on Vimeo.

Front Row Seat Productions was honored to produce Frederick Olessi’s latest film, “Joan” at their Hamilton, New Jersey Studio. This film imagines Joan of Arc the evening before she is to be burned at the stake for “the wearing of men’s clothes.” Her judicial murder at the hands of her sworn enemies, the English and the French clerics they controlled, remains one of history’s greatest political and religious crimes — in their own words as revealed in the transcript of Joan’s trial. In the words of a noted historian, “men burned what they should have adored.” Joan is brought vividly to life in this film by the luminous young actress Allison Martynovych.

“Joan” premiered on Princeton Community Television during March of 2016.

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Videos of Wei Luo Piano Concert

For the last five years, Front Row Seat Productions has had the distinct honor to produce video of the Golandsky Institute’s Princeton Summer Symposium and International Piano Festival. This year, we filmed six amazing performances, including that of a young rising star, Wei Luo. Ms. Luo attends the Curtis Institute, where she studies with Gary Graffman and Robert McDonald. We can’t help but think that performances by this exceptional young artist will become increasingly sought-after and exclusive. We were delighted to capture and preserve this relatively early one in the intimate setting of Princeton University’s Taplin Auditorium. Our client has published the entire concert on their YouTube Channel. Enjoy!

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FRSProd Creates PSA for PEI Kids

PEI Kids is a vital agency that works to promote and maintain a safe environment for all children in Mercer County, New Jersey.  When they were invited to submit a PSA for inclusion in the previews at AMC Theatres, FRSProd was honored and delighted to film and produce the segment.   PEI Kids’ Executive Director had this to say about the collaboration:

Robert Bullington and Front Row Seat Productions did an exceptional job of creating a professional and cost-effective PSA for our non-profit agency.  Robert and his team facilitated a seamless, comfortable, and professional production experience, and really put us at ease throughout the process. We easily met our goals and timetable for the project, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the final result.

It’s reassuring to work with an organization like Front Row Seat Productions – one that is truly community-oriented and cares deeply about the quality of the work they do for their clients. I cannot thank Rob and his team enough for the professional support and assistance they provided throughout the course of this very important project for our agency.

– Roslyn Dashiell, Executive Director of PEI Kids

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FRSProd in its fifth year producing videos for the Youth Orchestra of Central Jersey

Front Row Seat Productions is now in its fifth year filming concerts of the Youth Orchestra of Central Jersey. We have watched some of the most talented young musicians in our area develop under the guidance of artistic Director John Enz and his dedicated team of conductors, and it has been our privilege to capture and preserve their performances. We created a splash reel with footage from their recent performance at Princeton’s Richardson Auditorium, which is featured on their homepage: YOCJ.ORG

Thank you, YOCJ! We hope to be a trusted resource for many years to come.

Splash Video ~ February 1, 2015 from YOCJ on Vimeo.

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Stretto Youth Chamber Orchestra performs for workshop at Trinity Cathedral

We recently captured this simple video while recording audio of a workshop at Trinity Cathedral in Trenton. This is the second movement of the Vivaldi Concerto in G Minor to Two Cellos, played by the Stretto Youth Chamber Orchestra ( ). The maturity of the performance from players as young as these is really incredible, more so when you consider that they are performing without a conductor. Congratulations to these fine young musicians, and to conductor Sherri Anderson and assistant conductor Amy Goodman!

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Sarah Elizabeth Charles on March 2015 edition of Jazz Discoveries

FRSProd owner Robert Bullington’s 2015 edition of Jazz Discoveries on features singer/composer Sarah Elizabeth Charles, who joined him by Skype to discuss her newly released CD, Inner Dialogue ( You can hear tracks from the CD and more about this amazing artist, this Sunday, March 29th at 8PM EST, with a re-broadcast on April 1 at 4PM EST on HD2 89.1 FM or

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