Frederick Olessi’s Film, “Joan” Produced by FRSProd

Joan – a Film by Frederick Olessi from Robert Bullington on Vimeo.

Front Row Seat Productions was honored to produce Frederick Olessi’s latest film, “Joan” at their Hamilton, New Jersey Studio. This film imagines Joan of Arc the evening before she is to be burned at the stake for “the wearing of men’s clothes.” Her judicial murder at the hands of her sworn enemies, the English and the French clerics they controlled, remains one of history’s greatest political and religious crimes — in their own words as revealed in the transcript of Joan’s trial. In the words of a noted historian, “men burned what they should have adored.” Joan is brought vividly to life in this film by the luminous young actress Allison Martynovych.

“Joan” premiered on Princeton Community Television during March of 2016.

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